beach edited“Melissa has an energy that is simultaneously exuberant and calming. Her smile radiates joy in living. She is like a caring, nurturing sister. This energy combines with Melissa’s extensive knowledge and training, making her the kind of teacher who can effect change within you. Work with Melissa! I am grateful I could and did.” 

– Nancy Valeria Randall, Postpartum Core Wellness client

“Melissa is incredibly knowledgeable, intuitive, warm, and patient. She deeply listened to both my spoken words and the messages she received from my body and ensured that any practices we implemented together were tailored to fit my unique needs. Working with Melissa to heal the diastasis recti I experienced after my pregnancy was incredibly restorative emotionally, spiritually, and physically. I encourage women of all ages and life phases to seek Melissa’s support.”  

– Risa Avena, Postpartum Core Wellness client, herbalist of the Wise Woman Tradition

“Melissa is knowledgeable in how the body works and how emotions are part of the machinery, especially as it relates to women. Her knowledge is based in science and at the same time is able to think critically and open-mindedly about newer and alternative approaches. Her approach is well balanced and walks the fine line between traditional and alternative. Melissa has provided me with much knowledge about how to strengthen the pelvic floor area and increased my awareness of the connection among my sacrum, hip, abdominal muscles, and the greater whole that is my body. I particular am grateful for learning about how my feet affect my sacrum area. Now, when my lower back hurts, I know it’s time to exercise and massage my feet instead of over- stretching my hips or to engage my core more often.”
– Grace Hess-Quimbita, Postpartum Core Wellness client


“If you are looking for the complete package, Melissa Brooke is it. She has the rare combined qualities of knowledge and skill, along with a huge heart, full of compassion. Melissa holds space for her students in a grounded and nourishing way. She aims to make each student feel comfortable and caters to individual needs beautifully. Her warm voice and bubbly spirit will get you at “hello.” As a trainee in my restorative trainings, she was always enthusiastic, spot on with adjustments, extremely intuitive. Melissa will make you smile, lift your spirits and you will have more love for your yoga than ever before. As teacher myself, she has been one of the very few teachers I have trained over the years who I believe could teach my students the way that I do.”  

– Samantha Akers, ERYT 500 & founder of the TheraYoga Method

 “Melissa is not only a great teacher but someone who imparts a bit of herself with each class to her devoted students.”

– Julie Brosterman, yoga student