I believe it takes a village when you’re building your support network and committing to radiant health. I’m honored to be a part of your team. I believe in the importance of creating a community of wellness support and sharing resources. I love to refer people to other incredible practitioners and to educational materials. Here are some trusted colleagues and resources that may make a wonderful addition to your team.

  • Individual and Couples Counseling

Rachel L. Barr, MFT, Silverlake

  • Psychotherapy and Somatic Experiencing

                Karin Robbins, LCSW, West Hollywood & Skype

  • Herbalism, Flower Essences, and Holistic Nutritional Support

Risa Pantoja, Thuja Botanicals, Los Angeles 

  • Sexological Bodywork, Sexual / Postpartum Wellness / Internal Pelvic Work

Lara Catone – Yoga and Sexual Wellness, Los Angeles

Kimberly Ann Johnson – Magamama, Los Angeles & San Diego

Ellen Heed – Traditional Healing for Modern Times, Los Angeles

Meg Dinse, DPT (internal pelvic work and physical therapy only), West Hills

  • Yoga Therapeutics, Myofascial Bodywork, Meditation

Samantha Lawrence, E-RYT 500, CMT – TheraYoga, Northern CA & Skype

  • Bodywork

                Roseline Brown, NMT, CMT – Neuromuscular Therapist, Westlake & Newbury Park

                Nora Flores, CMT – Massage and Craniosacral Therapy, Ventura

  • Yoga Therapy, Mind-Body Fertility Program

Wendy Obstler, E-RYT, CYT Divine Spark Yoga, Los Angeles


Outside of CA? Send me a message! My community of resourceful practitioners is vast.

I may know someone who can help support you.